The only OCR race with combat shooting, created by the best instructors from special units.

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The competition is well prepared and adapted to those who have never had contact with weapons and the military way of life.
Brand new, advanced đ one track for an even better experience. 7.5km of different terrain, ups, downs, natural lake, two colors it đ anja puskom i pištoljem i do sada nevi đe ne obstake make the Challenge the only OCR race in the world.

At each obstacle, the judges will be clearly marked, who will take care of the regularity of the competition and the instructors next to each competitor during the shooting.
Try your hand at the track with members of elite army and police units.

Move your limits!

At the end of the race, the best three times in the individual competition, women and men, are chosen.
Also, the three best times in the team competition, the two best times achieved by the male competitors and one best time achieved by the female competitor are counted.
So to apply for teams you have to have a mixed lineup of men and women.
This competition will also have a humanitarian character, where part of the money from each application will go as a contribution to the work of the humanitarian organization Serbs for Serbs.
After the competition, we will have fun with DJ music.

Deljenje fotografija na Instagramu dozvoljeno samo uz tagovanje @military.experience

Prijave do 18.06.
Cena: 5000rsd
STARTING PACKAGE: medalja, obrok i okrepa.


7.5 km track with set obstacles and certain natural elevations that will make it even more difficult for competitors.
Obstacles and tasks that are not overcome according to the propositions, will be recorded as penalties that will be realized by adding time, expressed in a certain number of seconds to the total time of each competitor.


After the introductory briefing, all participants will have the opportunity to additionally prepare and train in weapons stores.
Using air soft rifles and pistols, they will have enough time for our instructors to train them in the basic principles of shooting and safe handling. Weapon grip, position selection, aiming and shooting.
The first three places cannot be those who deliberately bypassed at least one obstacle during the competition, using tactics to achieve a better time.
All competitors are required to sign an application form with defined rules and conditions of the competition before the competition.

We recommend Military dress code to all participants.

Deljenje fotografija na Instagramu dozvoljeno samo uz tagovanje @military.experience


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Deljenje fotografija na Instagramu dozvoljeno samo uz tagovanje @military.experience