Want to feel the adrenaline of special operation forces in a real battle?


Military Experience Combat is a unique program led by the best instructors from our most elite special operation forces and is a combination of simulation (MilSim) tactical training, mini testing and team competitions to test the success of mastering the program and an unprecedented big air battle as a simulation of real combat under the supervision of our special instructors.

The program will cover basic and advanced content in the field of movement of soldiers and formations, urban and rural combat, close combat (CQB), special actions in the use of vehicles and special mountaineering ropes (rappeling), combat patrols, attack and defense from ambushes, resolving hostage situations as well as many other interesting situations.

The highlight of the day is a great battle as a simulation of a real fight under the supervision of an instructor, according to the scenarios from the special units program. And in order for the experience to be better and the adrenaline to be higher, you get the details just before the start of the battle, when you find out according to which scenario it will take place and what your team’s goal is. Whether you are defending the base or going to rescue a hostage, or it is a scenario of an attack on vehicles, you will find out at the last minute, and only the best teams and those who apply the previously mastered training will win. 

We organize courses for team leaders (team leader), as well as courses in other specialties for individuals and groups, all with the aim of improving the tactical abilities of individuals or the whole team.

All planned activities are realized according to the training program of the most elite domestic and foreign special operation forces and under the guidance of our instructors.

Whether you are a beginner, an individual or have your own airsoft team, through Military Experience Combat you get the opportunity to master new or improve existing tactical skills and abilities in performing combat simulation through “air soft” training and participate in the most interesting and biggest simulated battle.