Want to try special unit drills?

The best instructors from our elite special units, on real polygons, will move your limits through real simulations of real commando drills. Through the One Day Commando program you have the opportunity to feel the authentic experience of real commandos and check your psycho-physical abilities and test your limits.
The program is tailored and dosed according to your abilities and is suitable for beginners but also those who they want to test their abilities, character and willpower to the extreme limits. In addition to the test of your abilities, you will go through all the elements of the access drill for special units and feel incredible adrenaline thrills under the guidance of dedicated and experienced instructors with 30 years of experience in conducting selective training in special units.

One Day Commando Contents:

• an initial aptitude test where we will check your current condition so that instructors can further tailor the program to you
• fitness training on our dynamic and interesting obstacle courses
• movement and stay in nature, orienteering
• simulations of tactical training grounds and combat situations in urban and rural areas
• mountaineering, where you will learn how real commandos use rappelling skills
• self-defense and cold weapon training
• overcoming water obstacles
• vatrena obuka sa gađanjem pištoljem 9mm i puškom 7,62mm ili 5,56mm

All planned activities are realized according to the training program of the most elite domestic and foreign special operation forces and under the guidance of our instructors.


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