Do you know what the real team spirit is?


We are here to provide most fulfilling team building experience involving broad range military activities inspired by practices of elite commando units.

We are able to customize our programs according to your team needs and provide unforgettable experiences of fun, thrill and adventure.
By jointly overcoming obstacles and reaching goals you will build team spirit and morale.


Improve team communication

Get in touch with nature

Experience fun on another level

Adrenalin-pumping tasks


You will build individual leadership skills, sense of belonging to a team in difficult situations, safety awareness and delegate responsibilities within the team along the way. The winner is the team that successfully accomplishes all the tasks in the shortest period of time.

This activity is a combination of obstacle courses and shooting ranges for practical shooting, using weapon replicas (air soft weaponry).

Experienced instructors will teach you basic climbing techniques that special operation forces practice in their regular routine. For those little more courageous and adept, instructors have prepared special techniques and tasks.

Depending on requests and group size we are able to secure different types of weapons. After each shooting round, we add up individual results and announce the best individual and the best team.

An activity that takes place in warmer seasons, on lakes or quieter rivers. The team is instructed to make a raft (boat) from certain materials and cover a part of the water surface.

We will teach you how to make a roof over your head, light a fire, how to bake bread, catch and prepare fish, purify the water and prepare other drinks in the woods.

The tasks at each checkpoint will at first look impossible to complete and will require skills for using the ropes, calm attitude and precision in shooting, as well as physical endurance and stamina for pushing and carrying of loads.

The kind of self-defense that our instructors will present to you is a mix of martial arts, such as Aikido, Judo, various striking techniques, as well as special techniques born in some of the world’s most reputable armies, such as the Israeli Krav Maga and the Russian Systema.

After an introductory meeting, each team member will get a number of throws, using different types of cold weapons, including bow and arrow shooting.

Experience the role of a swat team member from most popular action movies. Your team will find itself in the role of an elite military-police unit, which is ready to go on the hunt for bad guys at any moment.

Based on special reconnaissance units your team will form a combat patrol. After introduction, preparation, equipping and camouflage, you will use maps and commence the mission.

We build the strongest teams